3 February, 2022
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Dear watch lovers,

Recently we have the opportunity to invite you to view our collections in our showroom.

26 January, 2022
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Attention all lovebirds,

Our Valentine's Promotion Is Online!! this action comes back every year for our heart thieves.

As in previous years, this year we have again unpacked

Secure the bag for dadd

Grand Romanson Mother's Day special, here's how it works.

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20 January, 2021
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Valentine's day 2021 at GRAND ROMANSON

February 14 is 1 of the days of the year, where we pay a little more attention to the person responsible for the butterflies in

First of all, at Grand Romanson, we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We are entering 2021 with a lot of good news about new men's watches and women's watch models. The new advertising campai

22 December, 2020
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Despite these busy days for the postal companies, Grand Romanson stays in touch with Santa and delivers his watches on time. Santa Claus also wears a green men's watch from Grand Romanson. In this

16 December, 2020
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G4 Collection from Grand Romanson

Dear watch lovers, once again we have a beautiful presentation of a distinct men's watch

Our new collection of ladies watches called SATIN

In this blog of Grand Romanson, we would like to highlight one of our new collections. The name of our new watch collection is SAT

1 December, 2020
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This time in our blog of Grand Romanson, we highlight our themes. Through our themes you can find the men's watch or ladies watch that suits you.



30 November, 2020
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In this Grand Romanson Blog we tell you a bit more about the different watch straps that we use for our collections. The Grand Romanson watches are provided with the highest qualities of watch stra

7 September, 2020
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Grand Romanson has a wide collection of ladies available, with a new collection every six months, which is added to the family. A Grand Romanson ladies watch is a valued accessory and at the sam

Swarovski is the top of the bill among crystal makers.

The Swarovski crystals can be compared with the Czech crystals, but the quality of Swarovski is much better. Crystal glass and lead ar